Progress is... moving even faster forward on commitments

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Bestseller has a business model that operates very quickly - picking up on new fashion trends and delivering quality goods at a competitive price point. But Bestseller knew that they needed to build an impactful sustainability strategy; giving them the license to operate in a world that is truly wide awake to the negative impacts that fashion can have on the planet.

We reflected this in the approach to their strategy. Bestseller is a fast business and they needed to get much faster with sustainability. We called their strategy ‘Fashion Forward’ — a strategy that would accelerate actions on several key priorities while leveraging its core business strengths of agility and responsiveness to trends.

Our strategy set out a clear set of milestones that would move the company at pace over the short and medium term towards its longer-term vision and ambitions. Already, two of Bestseller’s brands have accelerated on many issues and have moved up the rankings on the Fashion Transparency Index – from being ranked at the bottom of almost all categories in 2018 to being significantly above in 2021.

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