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Progress. Not promises

Businesses are trading in promises. The world needs progress.

We are bringing a bold idea to the table: to benchmark companies against the future. To measure their progress against the change they need to make in order to deliver a Net Zero future – not just talk about one. In many instances, this is a radical departure from the current state – from progress mapped against arbitrary milestones businesses have set for themselves.

Sustainability actions need reframing: a Progress mindset

To address the urgent global challenges we face, businesses need to embed sustainability into all aspects of their business. And that usually starts with the hardware – strategies, structures and systems. No small undertaking.

But to make this a reality and to accelerate wider progress at pace requires businesses to go further. Why? Because business transformation is not just about re-wiring the hardware. Companies need to shift the intangibles internally – culture and ways of working. They need to actively integrate sustainability into the multitude of interactions they have with their value chain stakeholders – suppliers, customers, investors and even industry peers. And, in some cases, powerful brands need to influence the wider debate on sustainable development, advocating for widespread change and sometimes disrupting corporate and social norms.

It’s not enough to quietly sit in the pack. Business leaders in the world’s biggest companies need to enable and influence change. That is what will be required to win – to grow or even remain resilient in the future. And to drive real and meaningful progress for society.

Welcome to ProgressPoint

To help companies really drive progress on equally important and interlinked fronts, the ‘hard-wear’ and on enabling and influencing wider change, we have developed ProgressPoint — a tool that that will help to measure a company’s engagement and influence on sustainability alongside their sustainability commitments and actions to provide a clear picture on a business’s true impact on change.

The ProgressPoint is a tipping point. It’s the point at which a company can truly unlock the ROI on their investment both in terms of action on sustainability and their business value.

Working with the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA), we will use their analysis of 2000 keystone companies on performance against the UN Sustainable Development Goals alongside the Salterbaxter Progress Framework — a set of indicators, across different themes, that will assess the degree to which companies and their C-suite are positioning and prioritising sustainability through their communication and engagement activities internally and externally.

We will be building version 1.0 of this tool in the coming months and will continue to evolve and refine it over time.

As the full picture emerges, we can really begin to understand in more detail the combination of factors across performance, leadership and engagement that need to come together to drive lasting value for businesses and society.

See your Progress

Contact Salterbaxter to find out more about ProgressPoint and to register your interest if you would like your business to be included in the Beta version.