Progress is...

...carbon labelling and open sourcing innovation to drive transformative change

Logitech uses innovation and the spirit of collaboration to help radically reduce their environmental impacts and track progress against climate action goals. They committed to carbon transparency and hold themselves accountable for reducing carbon impact. After adopting a rigorous Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) Methodology that measures the carbon impact of their products, they embarked on an initiative to provide carbon impact labels on packaging to help consumers make more informed purchase decisions.

Not only that, they open-sourced the methodology to industry peers so others can form a deeper understanding of where the opportunities are to reduce carbon impact.

With Logitech, we developed a communications approach that took a complex, multi-stakeholder story and created a positioning narrative and look and feel which would help to make a technical methodology tangible. The solution 'Carbon Clarity' aims to bring understanding and drive behavioral change on how we all have carbon impacts and how we can reduce them.