Progress is...

...creating sustainable environments that improve the quality of life for everyone in and around them

The world is unwell – the pandemic exacerbated social and environmental inequalities further. The question was how could Landsec help to build back better? We made the strong link between the health of the built environment and the health of communities.

We helped shape a powerful sustainability framework: Build Well, Live Well, Act Well for one of the leading real estate companies in the UK to create measurable social and environmental change. We helped Landsec develop targets and commitments that considered the impacts on people, and leveraged the potential of buildings to create both environmental and social change.

We then went on to create distinctive identity and narrative to inspire and engage all of Landsec's stakeholders to support them on their journey to deliver on their commitments.

Landsec Casestudy Website2
Landsec Casestudy Website
Landsec Casestudy Website4