Revolutionising TV

Streaming has changed the way the world consumes content and engages with stories - when, where and how viewers watch, at whatever pace they want. In doing so a new kind of super fan has emerged, one who sees bingeing as not something to hide, but as an accomplishment. At the end of last year, we took advantage of this seismic change in the entertainment landscape by capitalising on the launch of Stranger Things 2 to shine a light on a new behaviour at the extreme end of the binge spectrum: Binge Racing.

Stranger things

This new kind of TV watcher: a Binge Racer – is a Netflixer who speeds through an entire season within 24 hours of a show’s launch. We mined Netflix data to show that 8.4 million members have Binge Raced a show during their Netflix tenure and highlighted the top shows fans have raced through to explode the story and generate blanket coverage.

We secured a partnership with fashion powerhouse, Topshop to create an experiential Stranger Things 2 Binge Racing marathon in store, recreating the Upside Down, Hawkins Lab and Castle Byers. A media junket with Shannon Purser AKA Barb, was organized, generating top tier print, online and broadcast media placements exploring this new streaming behavior.

189 Pieces of print, online, social and broadcast coverage
23 Interviews with titles ranging from NME to Marie Claire and Radio Times to MTV
Coverage in key UK publications: Good Morning Britain Live with Richard Arnold, BBC Radio One, The Guardian, The Mirror, The Independent, Marie Claire, MTV, Radio Times