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Connecting people, ideas and inspirations

Marcel is Publicis Groupe’s AI-powered proprietary tool that marries client briefs with the best-placed agency people based on their skillset and experience. It’s set to revolutionise the way Publicis Groupe employees work and add value to clients. The challenge was to launch Marcel in the UK, the first pilot market, through an internal engagement campaign that excited employees, then encouraged and sustained Marcel adoption. The UK was chosen for the launch as every agency brand was represented; London offered a geographically dense collection of talent and the business was already working in an integrated ‘Power of One’ way.

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Prior to the campaign, we conducted an employee survey, which showed low awareness of how Marcel would create opportunities and benefits for employees. This suggested that a top-down and ground-up approach to communications was necessary to engage employees with Marcel.

We recruited  73 local ambassadors called ‘Marcelerators’ dedicated to the acceleration of Marcel’s adoption and ongoing engagement. They were hand selected by agency leaders, and their role included being the local go-to Marcel resource in their related agency brand, being a scout for content and opening communication streams for feedback and updates.

We created a look and feel for the Marcel brand that was brought to life using email, posters and digital screens plus presentations and merchandise to engage staff.

The platform was then launched through a series of town halls where agency leaders and the Global Marcel team explained the tool and its revolutionary role within the Groupe. We organised a fun photo booth where people could take pictures using props and a photographer was available to take headshots to be used as profile pictures on Marcel.

The Marcelerators continue to feedback their findings into the platform, which will be launched in other markets in the near future, taking on all the learnings.



The launch was very well received, further results on adoption and usage will follow once the pilot scheme is complete.

‘Everyone was asking great questions, getting to know each other, engaging with the sessions. I think we pulled off something pretty amazing.’

Jo Coombs, Publicis Chief Operating Officer

‘What an amazing day. I hope everyone is as proud as I am for what we have achieved.’

Dawn Winchester, President Marcel AI