An enduring brand, fit for the future


Macfarlanes is a law firm known for its distinctive culture, forward-thinking attitude and clear advice. The problem? Their brand didn’t communicate this.

MSL was challenged to create a new website, reflective of the stature, quality and spirit of the firm, which would help to revitalise the brand for the modern world, without losing its heritage.


We made every decision with simplicity in mind. Rather than chasing the high-tech, corporate aesthetic that often follows the word ‘new’, we took visual cues from nature to create a fresh design around graceful movement and enduring elegance. Our technical build made the website simple for the firm to manage and maintain themselves, with the flexibility to adapt.

The brief began life as a website refresh, but our impact became much greater. By uncovering what really mattered to users, we brought clarity and structure to the way Macfarlanes talked about their work, and a new brand language to do it with (which was then brought to life across various printed collateral).

30% Year-on-year increase in traffic since launch
39% Increase in deep linking, showing users find what they want more directly