Lloyds Early Talent


Changing student perceptions about a bank

Lloyds Banking Group

Traditional high street banking isn’t the first choice for many students and school leavers thinking about their future employers. Our Early Talent marketing focused on the things that motivate Gen Z: individual strengths and passions, purpose, personal growth and a diverse working environment.

Our campaign invites students to discover who they are, what they’re good at, what they want to do, and what matters to them.


Authenticity was essential. We featured 14 trainees as ‘ambassadors. A series of ‘day-in-the-life’ films showcased their working life and personal passions.

Some participated in Facebook discussions, answering questions from potential applicants to allow applicants to meet employees like them. An interactive careers game helped students to identify the right career path for them.

140k Students reached across the UK through our work with the Bright Futures and Bright Network societies
150% Increase in contact details collected on campus
1.2m Impressions across Facebook and Twitter, achieving 25,605 engagements
20k+ More website users
3 Months – vacancies filled three months earlier than usual
4 Awards won, including Times High Fliers Awards for best social media and best graduate website