At a time when politicians and businesses are taking a dangerously short-term view on ‘surviving the quarter’, ICAEW wanted to introduce themselves as an organisation that looks strategically at the next 25 years.

MSL’s challenge was to change the perception of ICAEW as ‘just’ Chartered Accountants to contemporary thought leaders, by connecting them to a wider audience of decision makers and showing that they play a key role in areas beyond the silo of accountancy.

Driving audiences to a dedicated brand hub

We began with the development of a new brand positioning video, based on ICAEW’s vision of ‘A World of Strong Economies’. Then, we created a serialised story campaign that focused on relevant hot topics, while showcasing the depth of ICAEW’s knowledge and expertise. This came to life through digital screens and out-of-home (OOH) advertising in major London train stations like Waterloo, Liverpool Street and Euston – where consumer footfall was heaviest.

The results of this six-week brand campaign exceeded expectations.

34m+ Impressions in advertising space within relevant London stations and offices
10m+ Social media impressions using supported posts on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
200k Social media click-throughs, exceeding the target by 177%
102k+ Unique visitors to view content on our dedicated brand hub