EY Parental Advice


Changing how parents shape their children’s futures


Young people no longer need a degree to make it into the world of business. School leavers have more choices than ever as the government and employers back apprenticeships. But parents’ attitudes are lagging behind, they’re giving out-dated advice to their children.

Our ground-breaking Parental Advice Campaign set out to change parents’ minds and challenge university as the social norm.


We talked to a thousand parents and worked with influencers to spark a national debate across social media, national press and radio. We developed the Parental Advice website that parents said they needed, full of expert advice. There was also a Parent-a-ship day where a select few parent and child pairings experienced a day with leading experts to help them make the right decisions about their future.

It’s only the start. This is a long-term programme with significant benefits for UK employers, children and the economy – not just a marketing campaign.

108m Reached through news coverage
33m Reached through national radio coverage 19 interviews
10k visits to the online hub and video plays
60% increase in apprenticeship applications