Re-inventing culture for a new reality


How does one of the world’s most established brands create an internal vision and culture to enable them to keep up with external trends?

Canon had a critical need to re-define how its people work in digital and physical worlds - with agility and innovation. A ground-breaking social intranet named ‘Miru’ — the Japanese word for ‘to see’ — was at the heart of this transformation. We developed Miru's brand, user experience, design and content.


The new digital workplace included applications Yammer and Skype to break down communication barriers. We developed an ambitious cultural change programme with Miru at its heart. 

A 260-people-strong ambassador team called ‘Miru Mentors’ was formed and trained, and teaser videos were created with a suite of educational and inspirational materials. We developed a range of engagement and training activities: from online treasure hunts and competitions to live-chats, training modules and a comprehensive editorial plan showcasing success stories.

96% Positive feedback from Top 40 Leaders
10,000 (Out of 17,000) employees active on Yammer
92% Positive feedback from MIRU Mentors
5 Industry awards winning in its category at the Sabre, PR Week, IC Brilliance, PRCA and Cristal Awards
24 Examples of direct business successes, thanks to MIRU