Inspiring people to be different at work

BMW Group

How can a leading brand like BMW unite three businesses and transform its culture to be more dynamic and innovative?

We worked with leaders and employees to define a new employer brand and culture, with innovation, collaboration and customers at its heart – which we captured in the statement ‘What Moves You’. We then delivered a behavioural change programme that involved employees in exciting, intriguing ways – including asking employees ‘What moves you?’ and capturing their answers on film.


And because we knew that collaboration was key to true change, we introduced creative spaces for people to contribute ideas, as well as a collaborative Scalextric track-build and race rally, which brought diverse groups of personalities together in a fun way.

It all culminated in an exclusive employee film premiere, which was positively received by everyone involved. BMW also achieved record sales volumes and profitability after the change.

80% Of people felt trusted to try out new ways of working
600 New business ideas generated
+15% Increase in employees feeling ‘I can be myself in the office’