Communicating deep business transformation

Anglo American - Integrated Reporting

Anglo American are committed to re-imagining mining to improve people’s lives and continue to focus on enhancing the quality and cash flow generation through the disciplined allocation of capital, so that they grow their business sustainably and responsibly for the benefit of all.

Anglo American’s reporting suite cuts through the complexity of the business to present a coherent, integrated structure and narrative that explains how the business creates value, engages with stakeholders and material issues, and measures the impact it delivers. As well as the integrated annual report, we partner with Anglo American’s team to prepare a comprehensive Sustainability Report, Tax Report and other shareholder and communications materials. In 2019 the IR Society named Anglo American’s annual report the best in the FTSE 100. This is great recognition of hard work and partnership between many stakeholders to develop a truly best in class approach to disclosure and communication through corporate reporting.

Anglo American has a special obligation to operate in a safe, responsible way so that our environmental and societal footprint is a positive one.


Helping CCEP stay ahead in reporting

Coca-Cola European Partners - Integrated Reporting

CCEP is addressing big issues in an integrated way. THIS IS FORWARD is the sustainability narrative thread that runs throughout the value chain, addressing issues in six key areas including sugar in products, water use and the impact of CCEP’s packaging choices.

Building on a strong relationship and detailed understanding of the brand and business history, we were able to make CCEP’s vision for integrated reporting a reality in just under six months. The Integrated Report focuses on explaining who CCEP are and what they do to deliver long-term sustainable growth and shared value creation through Great beverages, Great service and Great people.

“Against a backdrop of a consistently high quality service and working flexibly, Salterbaxter was instrumental in helping us find the best way to deliver our new, fully integrated report.”

INGE POLSPOEL - Senior Manager Sustainability Reporting & Disclosure

Driving the shift towards sustainable transportation

Scania - Annual and Sustainability Reporting

Scania’s value creation is built on the ability to provide customers with profitable and sustainable transport solutions that contribute to the success of their businesses. Scania is tackling climate change with ‘here and now’ solutions in parallel with developing future technologies.

The world is moving ever closer to an inevitable point when sustainable transport solutions are imperative. These solutions must break down the tensions between increasing demand for transport, and increasing carbon emissions, noise, congestion and accidents. Scania is investing in innovation and working with industry partners to deliver holistic solutions. Scania’s reporting brings to life their strategy to take on the future and accelerate their progress through industry-leading solutions.

The report goes beyond being an historic view of the business and its progress, to one that is clearly articulating Scania’s point of view of the increasing need for sustainable transport solutions.

A report that reflects brand and corporate strengths

ASICS - Sustainability Reporting

In the ASICS report, we highlight their sustainability journey through two lenses; one is ‘MOVE SMARTER’ with their innovative products, services and improved operational efficiency, creating a lower environmental impact. The second is ‘MOVE STRONGER’ with their contribution to society through their products, services as well as improved benefits and working conditions for their own people and supply chain.

ASICS was founded in 1949 to empower people with sports and encourage them to move more, feeling healthy in both mind and body. 

Moving connects the I and the ME. Together they become unstoppable. #IMOVEME

Engendering brand loyalty through transparency

Lidl - Sustainability Reporting

Lidl’s unique business model positions them to be responsive to global and local change. ‘Discounter differences’ for instance, mean fewer suppliers and lean logistics allow for greater control over quality, labour standards and animal welfare, while International purchasing power helps make good food more affordable.

Taking a digital-first approach we created an engaging, graphically rich report with easy navigation and useful links. The Good Food Report covers Lidl’s financial years 2017 and 2018 develops the narrative beyond the foundation previously set to have a more authoritative and informed conversations. The concise and meaningful report presents a truly compelling story suitable for a wide range of stakeholders.

“This report, part of our wider sustainability communications, is designed to be completely transparent about the numbers and what they say. We are honest about where we need to go further and faster.”


The recruiting experience of tomorrow

Hays - Annual Reporting

As the ‘ultimate people business’ Hays utilises its unique and technology-driven model, by blending the expertise of c.11,500 experts worldwide with leading industry technology, to bring together the art and science of recruitment. This results in an industry-leading approach that helps millions of talented individuals develop their careers.

The Hays annual report offers a clear and comprehensive view of the business and its strengths – highlighting the balance, scale and diversity of the company. Set against a backdrop of megatrends affecting the world of work, Hays views technology as an enabler, not a threat, which is central to its ‘Find & Engage’ model.”. This approach was explored through a dedicated section of the report that brought to life the competitive advantage that Hays has built over more than 50 years. The deeply human side of recruitment is part of this sophisticated model. To reflect this, Salterbaxter helped integrate ‘Our Hays Story’ throughout the report, which allowed us to tell a vivid story of what it is like to work and partner with Hays. This included stakeholder voices and stories which featured throughout the report, giving credence to Hays’ purpose and core values. 

As a Board we have a responsibility to ensure there is sufficient diversity of thought across the organisation.



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