Purpose-driven Reporting

It’s time for good reporting. Long-term value creation, corporate purpose and responsible business result in sustainable financial performance and shareholder returns.

At Salterbaxter, we work with some of the world’s largest and most complex organisations to understand and develop responses to these challenges. We combine strategic sustainability insight with deep corporate reporting expertise and leading creative execution to define strategy, set targets and goals, and engage with key stakeholders through effective reporting and communication.

Corporate reporting offers a huge opportunity for full business engagement. It can be current, always-on, start conversations and work alongside your brand and corporate story.

To get a taste of our reporting offer, view some of our case studies here or contact Steven Lindsay, our Head of Reporting.

Purpose-driven Reporting

Unlock the potential of corporate reporting to fuel engagement and reputation

  • Annual, sustainability and Integrated reporting
  • Campaignable reporting
  • Strategic counsel
  • Creative storytelling

Purpose in action

Purpose and values are impacting customers' decisions and influencing who people want to work for and partner with. Many are identifying a compelling and credible purpose; but only those living their purpose authentically across operations and culture, bringing it to life through corporate behaviours and creative experiences, will unlock the full value of purpose.

At Salterbaxter, we know that the true purpose of a company can only be defined through co-creation and innovation – going beyond purpose as a marketing exercise to establishing purpose as a business transformation driver that will inform behaviours and improve performance.

Contact Kathleen Enright, our Managing Director, to find out more.

Purpose in action

Creating authentic, credible and future-facing purpose that will influence and engage your stakeholders and transform your business

  • Creating, defining and evolving purpose
  • Goals and strategic frameworks
  • Values and behaviours
  • Breakthrough creativity and communications

Active strategy

Today, for businesses to maintain growth and reputation, they need to be able to adapt to the rising speed of change and the shifting issues landscape in order to stay competitive. This agility and responsiveness has to be built into the sustainability strategy (and governance model) from the start. We call this Active Strategy.

At Salterbaxter, we work with businesses to truly understand where their sphere of influence and impact can drive business growth, to enable us to create strategies that are relevant, actionable, achievable and transformational.

Contact Huw Maggs, our Strategy Director, to find out more.

Active strategy

Building sustainability strategies that drive competitive difference and performance

  • Purpose and strategy frameworks, ambitions and goals
  • Ongoing materiality and issues tracking
  • Incremental roadmaps and action plans 
  • Stakeholder engagement and new governance models

Insights and influence

The speed at which future trends develop and emerging issues breakthrough to mainstream consciousness is accelerating. Maintaining a 360° view of your marketplace and tracking activity and expectations against your material impacts will allow you to anticipate, prepare and adapt to ensure that your actions remain relevant and compelling.

At Salterbaxter, our rigorous insight processes and building blocks provide the foundations to shape and define strategic choices to inspire audience attention and participation.

To find out more contact Sarah Wood, our Head of Digital Insight and Engagement.

Insights and influence

A 360°, 24/7, complete view of your market to help shape your business and keep you ahead of the game

  • Horizon scanning and benchmarking
  • Issues and influencer identification and engagement
  • Issues and reputation tracking
  • Social listening and digital campaign planning

Stakeholder engagement

An active engagement strategy should be both planned and evergreen, focused on a number of stakeholder groups with global reach, insight and influence. However, it is not practical or necessary to engage with all stakeholders with the same level of intensity all of the time. As such, being strategic and clear about whom you will prioritise, and why, is important.

At Salterbaxter, our approach is designed to allow clients to focus their investment where it can really count – at the right time and place to drive the best engagement returns.

Contact Kathleen Enright, our Managing Director, for more information.

Stakeholder engagement

Go beyond stakeholder engagement to capitalise on stakeholder collaboration

  • Influencer, influence and channel mapping
  • Ongoing dialogue strategy
  • Active governance models
  • Campaignable reporting


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