Seven years of Innovation Day Seven years of Innovation Day

Brainstorms and big ideas

This year, on 21st June, marked our seventh Innovation Day at Salterbaxter. It's certainly worth reflecting on when we think about the amazing entrepreneurs we have all met along the way, learning more about our own business capabilities and empowering our people to put their skills to even more great use.

Since 2011, we have helped 54 social enterprises enhance their communications, marketing and branding during an annual, action packed day. One of the best parts of this journey is the 'we' changing from Salterbaxter to participants from over 15 different agencies from across the Publicis Groupe. The 2018 event took place across three countries; London, Amsterdam and New York - with the power of over 200 brains working at full throttle within teams supporting fourteen inspirational social enterprises.

In 2016, Publicis Groupe made a commitment to participate in the United Nations’ Common Ground Initiative, which established 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that include fighting poverty, injustice, and inequality. Groupe’s focus has been on tackling SDG 2: Zero Hunger. Since the commitment, it has been a great opportunity for Innovation Day to include some social enterprises related to SDG 2.

This year’s extravaganza

For me personally, a three year veteran of Innovation Day, it’s a day of pure focus, joy and energy that is the highlight of the year. It's always fascinating to see the variety of social enterprises our partner in London, UnLtd, link us up with. This year I had the pleasure of working with Juta Shoes. They offer flexible employment opportunities for women in their local community to make sustainably sourced shoes and accessories and lead craft workshops. We helped them further define their key audiences, social media planning, influencer identification and refine their key messaging.

The motivation behind the day is to offer small, passionate and purposeful enterprises some of our expertise - which today represents one of the largest communications groups in the world. The benefits do not stop there. It’s a great chance for junior staff to take a leadership role and different agencies to learn from each other - ultimately bringing us all closer together to develop better working relationships.

This year, when all the teams presented back, one of the teams (Musical Memories) rounded the day off with a sing along rendition of Morecambe and Wise's 'Bring Me Sunshine', that summed up the day for me.

The social enterprises involved:


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