Directions Report - Active Strategies

10 May 2018

Companies have always had to adapt to external change, adjusting strategies to course correct back towards long-term goals. But today the frequency, speed and depth at which some companies are having to adapt to rising societal concerns is unprecedented. We expect this pressure to increase in the future as more consumers, employees, and investors – fed by the media and fuelled by an increasingly mainstream activist movement – wake up to the breadth of challenges we face and the role of business in both their creation and resolution. This emerging reality also presents a unique tension: positioning for long-term resiliency while remaining agile to shifting sands that have the potential to change a company’s or even an industry’s operating environment almost overnight. We argue that this changes the game when it comes to strategic planning and calls for new approaches.


That’s the basis of what Salterbaxter refers to as Active Strategies. Read the full report here.


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