Directions 2018: Closing the Engagement Gap

28 September 2018

The traditional view of value being driven by closed doors and inside thinking still holds strong. While there are some notable exceptions, business success is still viewed as competitive advantage. However, in recent years we are beginning to see this view increasingly challenged. 

Although not all are fully embracing triple bottom line thinking, many businesses are now realising how much the societies and natural environments within which businesses operate are value drivers in their own right. With this, sustainability leadership is picking up pace.

Embracing this shift to a more intentional process of stakeholder engagement is something we have been encouraging our partners to do for many years now. There is no doubt that it involves a mindset shift as much as a process shift, and the development of new skills and disciplines that need to be fostered for successful relationship building is essential. But the opportunities and rewards are obvious. Businesses who can work and learn together, building on each other’s strengths.

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