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Directions Supplement February 2012
Sustainability forever?

Embedding sustainability in your brand and culture – a new model of change from Ashridge Business School

by author sbadmin

Embedding sustainability is the new holy grail for many organisations. But what might a model for change look like? And how have companies gone about putting sustainability at the heart of their business?

Ashridge Business School has conducted a major new piece of research looking at these questions, talking to leading companies including Salterbaxter clients such as Adidas, Anglo American, Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), Marks & Spencer and Skanska. From this, they have developed a new model of change for sustainability. The first article in this Directions supplement introduces the research and the model, and asks questions about what this means for your business. The model is called the talik (named after the naturally occurring positive feedback loop that keeps water liquid in the frozen tundra) and describes the interplay between external reputation and brand and internal culture and energy, and the journey that organisations make around the four Es – Engaging, Expressing, Enacting and Encoding. The story of Vodafone’s M-Pesa mobile payment service in Kenya is used as an example of how the model works.

In the second article, Lucinda Hensman describes CCE’s sustainability journey, relating it to the talik model. One of the most significant recent steps in their journey was the launch of CCE’s new Sustainability Plan in autumn 2011, and CCE’s story demonstrates how companies need to keep evolving their sustainability strategy and actions, and listening and responding to stakeholder feedback.

Please download the PDF to read the articles. If you would like hard copies of the publication for you or your colleagues, or if you would like to discuss what might be the next steps for embedding sustainability in your company, please get in touch.

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