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Directions Quarterly/Autumn 2013
New Model Reporting

From blunt tool to multi-purpose engagement - a new model in sustainability reporting is emerging. See how companies like Coca-Cola Enterprises and Allianz Group are raising the standards of sustainability reporting.

by author sbadmin

The one-size-fits-all approach to sustainability reporting is no longer working, and the realisation that you can still cater for more diverse needs without having to read the big sustainability report is emerging.

Many companies are starting to realise that these time consuming, costly report processes are not going away, therefore to make them more effective and actually deliver relevant information to different stakeholders they need to be re-thought.

  • Are employees really interested in water targets and GRI tables?
  • Do NGOs want to see employees’ volunteering stories?
  • Do sales people ever actually use the data in the report?

For too long reports have been formulaic and complex, and when answering questions such as those above, it becomes clear that the time has come for a new approach. Thankfully, there appears to be a new model emerging where the report is no longer just a big blunt tool.

In our latest supplement we look at how companies like Coca-Cola Enterprise and Allianz Group are treating their report like a hub, where numerous tailored communications spin off it to deliver relevant, useful information in both print and digital, to the various stakeholder groups.

Feel free to get in touch to learn more about this emerging trend or simply download the supplement and see for yourself.

Louise Dudley-Williams, Business Development

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