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Directions Quarterly / Spring 2014
Materiality: Beyond the Matrix

Interested in getting more value from your materiality process? Our latest supplement reviews the current state of play on materiality, ground rules for getting value, and where to start when designing your own materiality review.

by author sbadmin

For over a decade we’ve been tracking how companies both assess and present materiality, helping a diverse group of clients engage with the process.

From that experience we’ve identified six rules for making materiality matter in any business:

  • Systematic not scientific
  • Are you thinking what they’re thinking?
  • Social media for stakeholder discovery
  • It’s your materiality
  • The value is validation
  • Make it specific

In Materiality: Beyond the Matrix, we review the state of play on materiality, offer a detailed description of the ground rules mentioned above, and show you where to start when designing your own materiality review.

There is no question the materiality process is moving rapidly from a minor preoccupation in reporting to a major part of mainstreaming sustainability. Like it or not, materiality is not going to go away. The good news is that there’s no fixed approach you must follow and there are lots of opportunities to get commercial value from the process.

If you’re interested in learning how we can help you identify the value materiality can bring to your sustainability strategy and reporting, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Louise Dudley-Williams, Business Development

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