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Innovation Day
Supporting social entrepreneurs

July 7th is our SalterbaxterMSL’s fifth Innovation day and MSL London’s second, when we give one day of our time to social entrepreneurs helping them increase their social impact. 

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Innovation Day

Delivering value for society

We believe that social entrepreneurs embody the spirit of our If Only Programme – identify a problem you want to solve and than build a business that solves it! So we decided to give one day of all the company’s time to social entrepreneurs who are in need of our skills and services.

Social entrepreneurs build businesses that trade to tackle social and environmental challenges. By using our skills and expertise we give them access to communications and marketing expertise that accelerate their development and help them achieve their full potential.

With the help of UnLtd, the leading provider of support to social ventures in the UK, and an internal engagement campaign we identify businesses tackling issues that are important to us. We then work with the entrepreneur to develop a brief and workshop plan for Innovation Day focused on developing creative and practical solutions to help them grow their social impact.

The day provides the entrepreneur with the opportunity to reflect on the company’s overall strategy and path to success. This leads to some core brand and communication outputs at the end of the day with actionable take-away.

Delivering value to SalterbaxterMSL and MSL London

Another great benefit of Innovation Day is the value it delivers to our people – our business:

  • Personal development – confidence building, opportunities to innovate and lead plus specific individual objectives relating to the day.
  • Team building and company culture – getting to know different people in the business and work together in different ways.
  • Opportunities – to directly tackle the sustainability issues that matter to them.

Celebrating five years

2016 will be our fifth Innovation day and our second joining forces with MSL London to make Innovation Day even bigger. This year we will be in the same building as well as on the day. We will be taking over two floors of our six story building and creating quite a buzz. Other Publicis Groupe agencies based in London including Publicis Worldwide, August, Poke, Chemistry and CNC are also contributing a number of volunteers to join in. This means that on Thursday 7th July we will be able to support seven social entrepreneurs and they are:


A simple meal-for-meal program, teaming-up with your favourite restaurants to create a sustainable impact on food poverty in the UK. We make feeding the hungry as easy as dining at your favourite restaurants!

Forty Hall Community Vineyard

An award-winning, community-led, horticultural enterprise, which, through team volunteering in the beautiful and unique setting of a 10 acre organic vineyard, delivers educational, social and health benefits to local people experiencing multiple deprivation and mental health support needs.

Foundation Futures

A specialist teaching service supporting young people who have been excluded from school (or those at risk). We involve business and community partners to help them find out what they can do. We build resilience and self-belief. We change perceptions and attitudes and we change lives.

Inclusive media solutions

Inclusive Media Solutions is a social enterprise that provide innovative products and expert advice to a wide variety of organisations and individuals to promote Inclusion through the use of mobile technology.

Grow to School

Deliver curriculum, topic based and food growing sessions in an outdoor learning environment. The outdoor sessions are used as a vehicle to nurture children’s capacity to learn, engage children in their education and help bridge the gap between attainment and disadvantage.

New Note Orchestra

Supports people who want to use music to help their recovery from drugs and alcohol. It’s the first recovery orchestra in the world and is based in Brighton. It currently supports 20 participants who have a wide range of abilities. Some can’t read music while others are professionally trained musicians.


Enables the professional development of young creatives, supporting them to source an income from their talents. We strive to empower young NEETs to succeed by encouraging entrepreneurialism and self-development through the arts. PAPER supports the coexistence of business and creativity, ultimately improving the wellbeing of our young audience whilst enhancing our local economy.

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