Directions 16

Each year, Directions takes an in-depth look at an area of sustainability and communications. This time, we’re delving into the quite sizeable gap that still exists between business and society. It’s not the void that interests us so much as the question of how it can be shrunk. How do we move from just minding the gap to actually mending the gap?

Into the Gap

Inside, we hear from experts and practitioners on how business and society can be brought closer together, what the obstacles are, and what the priorities should be in the months and years ahead.

Directions 2016 Report

The Integration Gap

Danone has succeeded like few other big companies in putting sustainability at the heart of everything it does. Salterbaxter’s Olivia Sprinkel caught up with Laura Palmeiro, Danone’s Sustainability Integration Director, to find out how they’re bridging the integration gap.

The Behaviour Gap

More companies than ever before have clear values and ambitious sustainability goals, but these are often a poor predictor of real employee behaviour. Salterbaxter’s Roisin Greene looks at how business can bridge the difficult gap between what employees say they believe – and what they actually do.

The Information Gap

Giving consumers more information about the sustainability of products is great in principle. But it won’t automatically foster more informed buying decisions. Salterbaxter’s Caroline Carson reviews the gaps in consumer transparency and she talks to Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s Sofie Schop about how they’re supporting brands to reach consumers at scale.

Marketing Gap

Too often in companies, the sustainability and marketing functions fail to understand what the other is saying. But profitability and purpose increasingly mean the same thing, says Salterbaxter’s Kathleen Enright. Jan-Willem Vosmeer shares how they work together at Heineken.

Investment Gap

Sustainable development will never happen on the scale that’s needed without an unprecedented injection of cash. Salterbaxter’s Huw Maggs and Kristina Joss note there are plenty of reasons to be hopeful that change is on the way. They talk to Credit Suisse’s Dr. René Buholzer and Peter Zollinger from Globalance Bank about how the financial sector can step up to the task.

The Implementation Gap

Lots of businesses have a plan for a more sustainable future. The hard part is making it real. Alexandra Palt, Chief Sustainability Officer at L’Oréal, talks to Salterbaxter’s Nigel Salter about going beyond the big ideas and headlines to drive business transformation through its sustainability programme, Sharing Beauty With All.

The Human
Rights Gap

Human rights have moved further up the corporate agenda in recent years, though most companies are still trying to find a path to tangible progress. But we could be arriving at a turning point – when business shifts to seeing human rights as an opportunity, not just as a risk – says Salterbaxter’s Arabella Bakker. Richard Karmel, London Managing Partner at Mazars UK, also gives insight into how business can assess potential risks.


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