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Olivia Sprinkel

Olivia Sprinkel

Senior Sustainability Consultant

Does this GreenWorks ad work?

Picture of Green Housewives from Clorox GreenWorks campaign

Green Housewives ‘You don’t have to be obnoxious to be green’. This is the main message from the ‘Green Housewives’ campaign from Clorox, which features three eco-caricatures. The idea is that these housewives are ridiculous and extreme and obnoxious in … Continue reading →

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Our top books of 2012

Here’s a round-up of some of our top books of 2012 – some old, some new. Thought-provoking, inspiring or funny, we hope that one or two might find their way on to your reading list – and might even help … Continue reading →

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Understanding what the long-term really means

Child wearing

The motto on the Bear Stearns trading floor was “We make nothing but money”. As John Kay pointed out at the Aldersgate Group event on 12 March – “Look where that got them.” The official theme for the evening was … Continue reading →

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Why we shouldn’t be talking about embedding sustainability

InterfaceFLOR employee booklet

I hold my hands up. I have used the phrase ‘embedding sustainability’ myself. Most recently on the cover of the publication – ‘Sustainability forever? Embedding sustainability in your brand and culture’. It is one of those phrases that has insidiously … Continue reading →

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Apple comes top in reputation poll/admits it has a human rights problem

Two headlines on the same day sum up the contradiction that is Apple: Apple soars to top spot with highest reputation score in history Apple admits it has a human rights problem The reputation score is from a survey by … Continue reading →

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From what to how – communications as a driver of sustainability and change

  ‘The choice for companies today is not if, but how, they should manage their sustainability activities’. Sheila Bonini and Stephan Gorner of McKinsey conclude their paper on ‘The business of sustainability: Putting it into practice’ with this statement. It … Continue reading →

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Co-creating with consumers – lessons from Clorox Connects and Open Ideo

Tilex magic sponge, one of the consumer ideas

What makes for successful co-creation with consumers online?  I recently watched a video of Greg Piche, Innovation Sourcing Lead at Clorox, talking about Clorox Connects, their idea-sourcing platform, and what they had learnt in the 6 months that they had … Continue reading →

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An invitation to do things better

 Fist An invitation to collaborate. To think differently about sustainability communications. And really understand your stakeholder requirements.         Where: Forest Room, The Hospital Club, 24 Endell St, London WC2H 9HQ When: 24th November 2011 from 5.30 … Continue reading →

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Revealing the stories in sustainability data – or what sustainability reporting can learn from Bjork’s Biophilia

I am one of these people that is a little scared by the word data. Perhaps this is because I think of myself as a words person, rather than a numbers person. So the idea that data can tell stories, … Continue reading →

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Coca-Cola Enterprises launches new sustainability plan

This week Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) launched their new sustainability plan which sets out their ambitious vision of a low-carbon, zero-waste business. Salterbaxter are proud to have worked with CCE on the development of the plan, which is encapsulated in the … Continue reading →

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